Welcome to ATX Poly Coaching!

Beginning in the heart of Texas (Austin, TX or ATX), ATX Poly Coaching began as a labor of love, offering personal, confidential, and affordable one-on-one relationship and lifestyle coaching, specializing in Ethical/Consensual Non-Monogamy, Polyamory-, Queer-, Kink-friendly lifestyles.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is simple. Love is not finite. Each person is unique and deserving of love and respect. The way we express our love is just as unique as a fingerprint. We all have different backgrounds and experiences that have shaped who we are and how we are within our relationships. Love is at the core of monogamy, polyamory, open relationships. I am here to help you establish and achieve your goals to a happier, healthier relationship and lifestyle.

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My Approach

My approach begins with finding out who you are and how to interpret your core relationship values. We dig in deep together and develop a personal strategy that you can use to understand how you need to be loved and how to communicate that to your partner(s) and potential partner(s).

Whether you are in established monogamous or polyamorous relationships or want dip your toes into swinging or kink lifestyles, I help you learn what you value, where your personal boundaries lie, and how to communicate all of these aspects effectively.

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